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This Man Never Stopped Looking For His Little Brother, And After 80 Years, They Finally Reunite

A man never stopped looking for his little brother, and after 80 years, they finally reunite.

Even after years spanning decades, the brotherly bond is still intact for Bill Cordes and Robert Wilson. When the two’s mother was deemed unfit to care for her children, social services split the boys up. Though Bill tried to hide his little brother in a closet, it was too late.

“I grabbed him, and I ran toward the house. I was going to hide him in a closet, and they stopped me on the porch and explained what was going on. They said he’ll be in good hands, and that was the last I saw him. He was 4 months old,” Bill said.

Bill was too young to understand that his mom at the time had been considered unfit to keep her baby and Robert had been taken into foster care – he just wanted to protect his baby brother. Little did he know it would be nearly 80 years before he would hold his brother again.

Bill, 87, and Robert, 79, went on to lead completely separate lives, they fought in wars, moved to other states and got married.

It wasn’t until Bill’s granddaughter Dana Cordes decided to search for Robert that a new hope was rekindled in Bill, but the process took years.

“I was looking for him for 20 years. I didn’t have a lot of information,” added Dana.

Man Finally Locates His Little Brother

It seemed it would be impossible to ever find him. But nothing is impossible for God. After a series of events that involved Bill needing information about his genetics, his granddaughter stumbled on the key to finding Robert.

After 80 years, Bill Cordes finally help his little brother, Roberts Wilson, in his embrace was once again. And this time, there’s no letting go. The pair are making up for lost time and celebrating every moment they have together.