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This Man Is Searching For A Replacement Sippy Cup For Aᴜtistiᴄ Son Who Refuses To Drink Without It

Ben, who has a severe form of autism, has an incredibly strong attachment to a sippy cup – the Tommee Tippee cup that is aqua.

Image Credit: Twitter / Marc Carter

Unfortunately, the cup has been discontinued while Ben’s cup is falling apart.

Ben has been using that cup for about 12 years now.

Image Credit: Twitter / Marc Carter

Though Ben’s family was able to get a replacement cup about 3 years ago, they are in desperate need of another one.

According to Ben’s family, he won’t drink out of any other cup – they have tried.

Image Credit: Twitter / Marc Carter

If the cup is a different color or a different style, Ben won’t use it.

Image Credit: Twitter / Tommee Tippee

It is not that Ben is being obstinate, he is non-verbal and doesn’t understand.

Ben will refuse to drink and has ended up in the emergency room twice with severe dehydration.

Image Credit: Twitter / Tommee Tippee

Ben’s dad, Marc Carter, has now gone to the internet pleading for help.

The sad dad has even offered a reward to anyone who can find this cup that is no longer being made.

Can you help? If so contact Marc or contact Tommee Tippee to see if they can get Ben a new cup!

Image Credit: Twitter / Marc Carter