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This baby saves the mother 😮

After anticipating a normal childbirth, Shelly was surprised to learn that she needed an emergency C-section.

It’s a about the last thing a woman wants to near while going into labor.

Doctor successfully delivered Shelly’s baby, Ryan.

However, the operation created a blood clot in Shelly’s system.

The clot clogged vital arteries, causing Shelly to slop into a coma.

It was a nightmare situation for Shelly’s husband, Jeremy.

“The doctors had done everything they could, Jeremy said.

“At this time, they were sure that they would lose Shelly. You are so excited that your child is born… and in the next moment, you believe you’ll have to say farewell to your wife forever. It was like being numb.”

Fortunately, one of the nurses had an idea.

“We knew that skin contact from a mother to her newborn can be very helpful,” the nurse said, “so why wouldn’t it work the other way around.”

The nurse took the naked, newborn baby and placed her on Shelly’s chest.

“I was hoping that Shelly was still in there somewhere, so she could feel her baby and her heart, to let Shelly’s motherly instincts wake her up,” the nurse said.

The baby fell asleep immediately atop Shelly.

“We tickled her, even gave her a couple of little pinches,” Jeremy said. “It lasted 10 minutes before Rylan screamed.”

Then something miraculous happened.

“We saw the heart monitor flash to life,” Jeremy said.

“The screaming had brought Shelly back into the fight. I had my wife back!”

A week later, Shelly woke up for good. She held her baby in her arms for the first time.

“I start at Rylan’s face and thought to myself that she was the most beautiful baby in the world,” Shelly said.

“I know that every mother thinks that, but we had such a special connection after everything that happened.”

A year later, Rylan is a healthy 1-year-old.

“Last year, I fought for my life,” Shelly said. “This year, I have a wonderful 1-year-old daughter. When she’s grown up, I’ll tell her that she saved my life.”

This story proves that a mother’s bond with her child can be a life saver!