This 28-Year-Old Had Only 10 Minutes To Decide If He Wanted To Adopt His Week-Old Nephew Or Let The Newborn Go Into A Foster Home


“American Idol” has only been on our screens for a few weeks now, but we’ve heard countless stories about tenacity and resilience on the part of the subjects. The audition of Marcio Donaldson, however, had a different feeling from the beginning. His heart and emotions were palpable. We quickly understood why.

Marcio had a difficult start in life. Born in Compton, California, he grew up in a world characterized by the crime of gangs, guns and drugs. Despite his efforts, his mother also became addicted and Marcio and his sister were forced to live with a host family. However, there was always an escape for him, his music. Although he did not have the means to educate himself properly, he never stopped being passionate and soon discovered that music was an excellent tool to support all the pain felt in adolescence.

Unfortunately, his sister did not find the same outlet as him and the cycle was quickly repeated. She also became addicted, as her mother had before her. Only 6 months before his audition, Marcio learned that his sister had a baby.

However, because of her persistent drug problems, she was found unfit and the police knocked on Marcio’s door to ask if he would take his son with her.


“The police came to my door and said ‘You have to decide if you will keep this child or if he’ll go into the system'”, Marcio explained.

What at first seemed to be a burden soon became a blessing. Marcio knew he could not let his nephew go like him and his sister, so he adopted the baby as if he were his. He admits it was a steep learning curve, but it finally gave him meaning in life. Now, Marcio is determined to do everything for the little one. This includes inspiring the judges with his sincere song!

When Marcio arrived with only his nephew, he handed Luke Bryan his little treasure to be able to sing his heart. The following is one of the most vulnerable and delicate performances we’ve seen on “American Idol” for quite some time.