Home Life These are the UK’s messiest bedrooms of 2020

These are the UK’s messiest bedrooms of 2020

Last month, Bed SOS launched its annual search for Britain’s most untidy room – and let’s just say, the entries did NOT disappoint.

From floordrobes of epic proportions to a mess that only a toddler in the midst of a tantrum can create, the furniture company received over 300 entries.

After careful consideration, the judges have now revealed that Sara from County Down, Northern Ireland, has won the competition and will be gifted a new bed.

Although we have to ask, are there really any winners here?

10. A pink child’s room from Toni, in Cheltenham

9. Olivia, from Manchester, is embracing the floor-robe as she’s waiting for her house to be refurbished

8. Sel, from Norfolk, said her kids created this mess in five minutes

7.Sarah, from Studley, entered her teenage son’s messy room with pictures from every angle

6. Nicole, from Manchester, likes to cover every surface

5. Mollie McAllister. from Northamptonshire, found this mess in a house she was renting out

4. Luke, from Havering, likes to keep everything within reach of his bed

3. The ‘mountain of junk’ in Farnham-based Claire’s son’s room

2. Audrey, from Derbyshire, decide to snap a picture on a what she calls a ‘clean day’

1. Sara, from Country Down, sleeps alongside this mess, complete with food wrappers and even a dead plant


Source:metro.co.uk, thesun.co.uk