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The Special Pasta – A True Story

This is a true story told by a hotel manager in Viet Nam.

– Hello, how much is the cheapest room by the sea, I would like to have one.

– It’s $100 due to Covid.

– Uhmmmm. That is too much. Is there any other cheaper room, the smallest one but still by the sea. I need it for my kid. Honestly, my house is in the mountainous area. My kid suffers Leukemia ( blood cancer). I spend all my money that I have on him. He always wants to see the sea all the time, so I get him here today…

– Ok. I’ve got it. I will arrange the room which has the best view to the sea with the cheapest price. Here is your key. Go ahead. Take him there.

– Thank you so much. I will get him something to eat first.

– We have a kitchen here, what do you want to have, son? I will tell the kitchen.

– Woww… do you have pasta? I always want to have pasta.

– Of course we have. Give me a minute.

– That’s so good. Can I have one more portion? Last time, my friend gave me some but it was not as good as this.

– Of course, you can eat as much as you want, take your time.

– Hi,

– Hi. Nice to see you again. You take your son with you today? Where is he?

– My son was gone. He got into the hospital a week after we left your place. He could see the sea, that was helping a lot. But he still wanted to have your pasta. That’s why I come here today. I wish to buy the same pasta for his soul.