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The most important thing


At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your family is safe, you have food to eat and you are grateful for what you have.


As long as my family is safe and happy, I am too.

I just want my family to be safe. Because I am sometimes polarizing, I fear for their safety.

These quotes about family are personal, close to home and a powerful reminder of all family means:

#1: Family is the support you will never have to pay for because come rain, or shine, they will be there to cheer you on every of your life goals.

#2: If you want to know who your family is, look at the side lines, the audience, the people clapping, the ones telling you how much faith they have in you, that’s what family is all about.

#3: You might be afraid of crossing an ocean or walking through flames but family would make you do even riskier things because that’s how powerful the bond you have becomes.

#4: The first safe place you will always know is family, so you must protect that with all you’ve got, don’t let outsiders piss on your family. That’s a threat to who you are.

#5: Anyone that does not respect your family, is very unlikely to respect you. They have shown you they are unable to appreciate the whole process that made you who you are.

#6: Being part of a family is like living with an army, you all have different temperaments, attitudes, but one singular purpose and that is to have each other’s back no matter what.

#7: The world’s biggest problem is not the lack of money, power or security, it is the death of the family unit. Families are the basic fabric of society without which, anarchy will set in.

#8: Doing what is right cannot be taught in public institutions like schools and prisons, the conscience of society is the family unit and it’s what determines how many people would choose to do right.

#9: Protecting your family is every person’s basic instinct, it is why we would do everything to make sure the ones we love stay safe and out of harm’s way.

#10: Family is not always about fun and laughter, sometimes you just sit and listen to each other breath and other times you tear each other’s hair out till you draw blood.

Quotes About Family

#11: If you always want to be happy then make family happy. If you want to be loved then love your family just as much as you want to be loved.

#12: We all want to be part of something greater than us and we spend a large part of our lives looking for that thing. Very few of us look at our families and see that greater thing.

#13: There’s too much going on that most of us don’t pay attention to little things like family, home and the people we love but really there’s nothing more important than this.

#14: If you want to change the world, stop looking out into the streets and highway, look within because the world actually begins from inside out where you have family.

#15: If you want to know a person beyond the mask on their faces, visit their homes and meet their family because that’s the only way to see the person behind the mask.

#16: How you treat your family is an indication of how you would treat other people because whatever you do to them, you will never be afraid to do it to other people.

#17: Family could be a lot of things, beautiful, strong, helpful, supportive and it could also be choking. The expectations family places on you could be the burden that will ruin you.

#18: Sometimes instead of pushing us forward, family holds us back. The love they have for us is so strong that their fears become an obstacle almost insurmountable.

#19: Learning how to say no to family is one major ingredient for success because no matter how focused you are, family will demand of you even when it is totally inconvenient.

Inspirational Family Quotes & Sayings

#20: Wealth would leave, sometimes even your health, your network, everything would disappear and you would be left with just family. Family is all you’ve got, so treat them right.

#21: There’s just some things you never can figure out like the love of family, even when you have messed up and no one else wants you, family will always be there.