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The Lines In Your Palm Can Unveil Secrets About Your Life. I Read Mine And It Was Spot On!

The Lines In Your Palm Can Unveil Secrets About Your Life. I Read Mine And It Was Spot On!

Palmistry is also known as chirology is the science of reading your palm and its lines there are mainly three major lines in your palm known as the head the heart and the lifeline each of them reveal a lot about your personality, Each of them reveals vital information about your life through the size and shape of your hands and the lines across the palms.

Whether it provides real insight or is a harmless diversion is for you to decide, but I for one think that it offers some exciting revelations.

So take a look at your left palm and find out the secrets within its lines…

The line of life (A)

Begins between the thumb and index finger going downwards towards the wrist. Although the name suggests something about life, that’s not really what this line shows. But it is a myth it it is believed to provide information about how healthy and resilient you are.

Long and deep line: Balancing life full of strength and vitality
Short and deep line: Easily manipulated, have the strength to overcome almost any physical challenge
Broken or creased: Line: represents a sudden change in your life.
Thin and short: Tendency to get sick and you’re easily manipulated by others.

Head Line (B)

Beginning just above the lifeline between the thumb and the index line running across the palm horizontally

If the line is clear and straight: you’re intelligent, realistic, and have a special talent. And if the line is long and deep, your thinking is clear and you are very concentrated and focused. The deeper the line, the better your memory is.

If the line is connected to the line A: you are balanced people. If they are separated, you are stubborn and willing to take on yourself big tasks.

Fate Line (C)

This line shows how much are you affected from others.

If this line is long, you will succeed in life and since childhood you have a determined character. If this line is short and deep, your experiences are mainly the result of fate and coincidences.

You may have a curved line, it means that your life will change direction many times and you will experience many changes.

Heart Line (D)

It starts under the index finger and extends towards the pinky finger. This line reveals a lot about your feelings. If this line touches line A, you have a tendency to suffer from a broken heart.

If this line is straight and wide: you have a good relationship with your partner and your love is strong.

The redder and deeper your heart line: the more passionate you are. If your heart line is similar to your partner’s, you are a good match!

If your heart line is short: you aren’t romantically inclined, and if it is broken, you have experienced trauma.

Letter M

When all the lines that you have create an M character, you are considered a very special person.

M people often have a special talent and a clear sense of right and wrong.

They are quick to expose liars, they’re creative, and they find solutions to most problems. These people are born to do great things.