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The greatest lesson


The greatest lesson
I have learned in life is that I still have a lot to learn.

Apart from the knowledge learnt from school, there are countless things that we can learn from life to improve ourselves.

We learn how to be mature from our faults and the challenges we have encountered. The process of finding ways to correct those mistakes will help us gain experiences. That is the way we grow up.

We learn how to behave and how to treat people around us. We need to be polite, listen to them and respect them. Only then can we have a good relationship with those people.

We learn how to be a kind, good man so that we always find relief and peace inside ourselves, find our lives more beautiful. When we are tolerant, sympathetic, sharing and helping others, our souls will be at peace.

We learn how to love our lives, love ourselves and love everyone as well as cherish our beautiful and precious lives.

When we live long enough, we will realize what we need to learn. And the biggest thing I realized is, there’s still a lot that I can learn from this life.