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The future is in your hands


The past is in your head.
The future is in your hands.

Your dark past doesn’t mean that your future will not be bright. Your good past doesn’t mean that your future will be dark. Why?

Past exists in your mind, future happens when you take action. Whether you will change your past in the future depends on your awareness and action at present.

You are able to be broken and obssed about what you experienced in your past, however, you should set the limit not to accept the people who left you in the past or not to come back the old path.

You don’t need to force yourself to forget the bad things, but to consider them as a lesson. The good past brings you motivation while the bad people or bad things bring you a lesson to learn.

Your life should not depend either on other people or the past. How you think about and reflect on what happended will put you into action, which will decide what you have in the future, consequently.

Don’t feel low self-esteem because of your bad experience. The people who never suffered only live a boring life. Only the people who experienced from the bad past to the bright future can see the value of the life.