The Dog Who Played Cheddar In Brooklyn Nine-Nine Has P.a.s.s.e.d A.w.a.y

The dog who played Brooklyn Cheddar is dead

Stewart the Corgi, famous for his role in the American sitcom, was peacefully euthanized, as confirmed by his owners.

The puppy spent his last day at the beach, where he could frolic in the waves and eat in an In & Out hamburger, which seemed like a fantastic opportunity.

On Instagram, his owners shared the bitter news and wrote:

My precious Stewart crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.

The Dog Who Played Cheddar In Brooklyn Nine-Nine Has Passed Away

We went to the beach (his favorite place), where he romped in the waves, then enjoyed a picnic with in & out burgers. We relaxed in the sun and enjoyed everyone’s company.

Our vet met us later and Stewart fell asleep peacefully in my arms as he listened to the sounds of the ocean.

He was a million-year-old dog, he was my Supaah Staah.

Stewart played an important role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine after spending whole episodes of his adventures when Jake and Amy accidentally lost him. He also played a crucial role in the incredible episodes of the Halloween raid.

In fact, someone has already bothered to prepare a commemorative role for the puppy and I will not lie, it’s a real stream of tears.