The distance you kept during my struggle

The distance you kept during my struggle – I’m gonna need you double it during my success.

What will your friends do when you are in trouble? Do they care, help you or become strange and keep distance from you?

If they cannot accept the fact that you are falling, they decide to keep silent. Then, remember to ask them to get away from you, as far as possible when you are sucessful someday.

When you struggle to overcome your difficultiness, you are exhausted and tired and you need their empathy, what will they do?

They treat you like a disturber and try to get away from you. Further more, they put more pressure by speaking ill of you and point out the adversity and make you feel worse.

What do you gain? Remember that they are not friends. The real friend is the one who stay with you even when you are in trouble, understand you and are available to support you everywhere.

Only those people are deserved to be your friends. Who comes to you when you are in trouble will share happiness and sucess with you.