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Tell My Mistakes To Me, Not To Others

I am not so perfect that I never make a mistake. If you find that I did something wrong, please let me know. Please tell me directly.

If you want me to be better, don’t just go and tell others but not me. Maybe, at the time when you tell me, I don’t want to accept it. Maybe, I will react to you.

But deep down I understand that you want me to improve, to be better. Surely I will think about your words thoroughly. I will manage to correct my mistakes.

You know, no one can solve my own problems for me. Those people who hear bad things about me from you, they can’t help me either.

And I will be very grateful to you for what you have frankly shared with me. Thanks to that, I can reflect on myself, correct mistakes, and become better. I believe, you also want me to be better.