Teens Shovel Neighbor’s Driveway at 4:30am So She Could Make it to Her Dialysis

Many of us can complain about the harshness of winter. At sub-zero temperatures and snow, it’s not easy to get to work, school or anywhere else.

These extreme weather conditions made it difficult for even healthy people like us. Imagine how difficult life is when you are not in good health.

Natalie Blair lives in New Jersey and relies on daily dialysis treatments, which means that if she can leave home, her life will be in danger. This winter, and especially the snow that falls on the driveway, have put his life in danger.

Fortunately, Blair has incredible neighbors. Brian Lanigan is an EMT and has dug Blair’s alley during the blizzards to make sure she can leave home safely. However, when the weather forecast required another snowstorm, Brian knew he could not help because he was at work.

Thankfully, Brian has an amazing little brother, Patrick Lanigan. Patrick is a senior at Parsippany High School. He’s known for helping out his community. He’s a “peer buddy” at school, which means that he acts as a role model for kids at his school who are on the autism spectrum. He’s also actively involved at his church.

Patrick knew it was up to him to make sure Blair’s driveway was free of snow. He enlisted the help of some of his fellow seniors. Four of his friends volunteered to spend the night at Patrick’s house so that they could wake up at 4:30am and work together to shovel the snow off of Blair’s driveway.

Do you remember what it was like to be a teenager? We remember finding it really hard to wake up early in the morning. Volunteering to wake up at 4:30am to do the hard work of shoveling a driveway is really a big deal.

The boys hoped that school would be canceled that day, but it wasn’t. However, they did have a 2-hour delay which allowed them to get a little more sleep before headed off to school.

Peter Lanigan, Patrick’s proud dad, tweeted a couple pictures of the boys with the text, “Snow Angels disguised as PHS Srs, Justin, Pat, Chris, Tyler & Amon got up super early 4:30 (really never slept) to shovel a driveway for a neighbor who needed to get to dialysis.”

Many people have commented on the tweet saying things like, “This is a totally heroic action! Big props to you this crew!! Great work, guys” and “This is what is called COMMUNITY. Awesome example, guys.”

Awesome example, indeed. What’s an awesome example of community that you’ve seen in your hometown?