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Teen And His Cow Lose State Fair Competition, Take Nap Together And Win Millions Of Hearts Instead

A new photo is making waves online. People everywhere are talking about an adorable picture from Williamsburg, Iowa. In the sweet photo, a boy is cuddling up with a borrowed cow.

The Story Behind the Photo

Mitchell Miner is only 15 years old. In the photo, he is asleep next to a cow named Audri. For the last two months, Mitchell has spent almost every day with the cow. He has been preparing for the youth dairy cattle show at the Iowa State Fair.

Over the last two months, the boy has developed a close bond to the cow. He thinks that Audri enjoys having him nearby. With the big day arriving, Mitchell had to make all of the final preparations. He bathed and clipped his beloved cow. She was ready for the fair.

Audri Wins an Award

All of his hard work paid off. Audri ended up taking fifth place at the fair. By this point, Mitchell and Audri were completely exhausted. The competition and excitement wore them out completely. Mitchell went to the barn to keep Audri company, but he was too tired to keep his eyes open. Soon, he fell asleep next to her.

Luckily, his father noticed Mitchell with the cow. He snapped a photo of the sleeping pair and posted online. Soon, the photo went viral. Thousands of people liked and shared the adorable picture of Mitchell sleeping next to Audri. Soon, the story even made it into news articles across the nation.

Everyone Falls in Love With Mitchell and Audri

Some of the online comments were about how sweet the photo was. Apparently, some people wished that they could adopt a cow to cuddle with. It seems like everyone just loves this adorable photo.

Mitchell’s family actually has a long history of farming. His parents were the first generation of his family to leave the farm. While Laura and Jeremy Miner may have left the family farm, farming was still in their blood. They knew how important farming was for instilling values and a strong work ethic. Because of that, they wanted Mitchell to experience farm life.

Now, Mitchell’s parents are borrowing farm animals to instill the right values in their son. Now that Audri has finished her competition, she will return to her home in Blairstown. She might be going home to her dairy farm, but the lessons Mitchell learned will remain forever.

If you thought that this photo was unbearably sweet, make sure to show it to all of your friends and family members.