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Teacher Asks Her 5th Grade Students To Attend Her Wedding As Bridesmaids And Groomsmen

Organizing a wedding can be stressful, especially when you’re choosing bridesmaids and groomsmen, but one woman had the perfect solution to deciding.

Alexandra Stamps and Mason McDowell of Wichita, Kansas, are both teachers at McLean Elementary School, where Stamps teaches fifth grade and McDowell teaches third. When the couple first became engaged, they knew they wanted to do something special for their students. They both decided to invite their entire classes to be junior bridesmaids and groomsmen at their wedding in 2021.

When Stamps asked her class to be part of her wedding party in April 2021. Alexandra recorded the moment she asked her students and shared it to TikTok where it quickly went viral with over 19 million views.

The kids were ecstatic and began jumping around and yelling with excitement. Stamps said that because the past year has been so challenging, she wanted to give her students something fun to look forward to.

On the wedding day, all the students lined up and closed their eyes before seeing the bride and groom for the first time.

They were so happy to see the couple in their wedding outfits, and some of the kids even looked a little emotional. It was clear that they were all delighted to be involved in such an important day in their teachers’ lives.

The kids were all dressed up for the event, looking exactly like a regular wedding party, only smaller.

They took pictures with the bride and groom and even danced with them at the reception. Maybe this was the first wedding experience for some of the students, and they seemed to be having a great time. It was an amazing Stamp to include her class on her wedding day.

Stamps has to endure remote teaching in 2020 and 2021, and she knows that spending too much time in isolation will harm her students. She told Inside Edition, “I wanted to give them something to look forward to this summer, as the last school year has been really tough with COVID.” The kids certainly looked happy on the day they were invited and on the actual wedding day.

The town of Wichita really comes together for students and teachers to have a great time.

Local vendors helped provide services so the girls could get their hair done on their wedding day and even wear dresses donated by Morilee designer Madeline Gardner.

The designer helped put together beautiful green gowns for each of the little bridesmaids. “I just looked at it and I said, ‘Oh my gosh, how did she find 21 dresses for each of those girls?” Gardner said. The boys all wore white shirts with white ties and black pants. They look very dashing and formal.

The students all seemed to be enjoying their time at the wedding as they all danced and laughed together. “The best part is just their genuine smiles. I know they’re all so excited to be here, so that’s really sweet and it means a lot to me,” Stamps said at the end of the big day. We wish the newlyweds a long and happy marriage and commend them for having their students involved on such a special occasion.

According to The Wichita Eagle, Stamps and McDowell met while competing for the same teaching position in March 2021.

But instead of keeping their distance like competitors, the two young teachers talked about barbecue, leading the way. to the couple sharing their phone number together.


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