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Tea bag in the toilet, why should you throw it there before going to bed?

Not many people know the trick of flushing a tea bag down the toilet, but you should get into the habit of flushing it down the toilet before going to sleep. Are you curious to know what it is for? She just continues reading the article.Tea in the bathroom – imilanesi.nanopress.it

The toilet can be the source of various problems, both unpleasant odors and lime stains on the bowl. When trying to find a solution that does not include chemicals, we may come across the tea bag trick.

Bad smells in the bathroom.

One of the causes of a strong smell in the bathroom is the toilet trap. This device is used to neutralize wastewater odors and prevent them from reaching homes when water accumulates in a section of pipe.

It may happen that the water in our siphon dries out and therefore eliminates the main protection against bad odors in the bathroom.

The bad smell in the bathroom could also be due to the sealing of the pipes , which were not properly sealed. This situation can cause gas to escape from the sewer system without causing a water leak.

In this case, one solution to the problem is to seal the leak with caulk or tape.
Bad odors coming from “old pipes”

Old pipes encourage the proliferation of bacteria and yeast that cause bad odors in the pipes.

Stagnant water and waste materials form layers that clog pipes and cause toilet odors . Even poor ventilation in the bathroom without windows that do not allow proper air passage or the consequent creation of humidity can be responsible for the bad smell of the toilet.

In this case it is a good idea to equip yourself with a bathroom extractor fan to avoid mold and humidity.

What’s the point of flushing a tea bag down the toilet?

It is known that the toilet can be a source of germs, bacteria and bad odors. Although we can carry out routine cleaning, unfortunately due to its nature it tends to give off bad odors and get dirty.

It is not uncommon for chemical-based detergents to be used to overcome this problem, which in addition to being harmful to the health of those who use them, have a strong environmental impact.

Solutions with natural products are a valid alternative, and most of the time it is not even necessary to buy them, because we already have them at home! In this case it is simple tea bags, let’s see how to always have a clean and fragrant bathroom!

After drinking afternoon tea, you will no longer throw the sachet in the trash, because it is suitable for counteracting the bad smell of the toilet. Let’s see what to do.

To solve this problem, depending on the smell, you can take one or two tea bags , which should be placed in the toilet and left overnight, so that they act sufficiently.

The next day, it is necessary to remove the bag, stretch the thread so that it does not come into contact with the toilet water, and then scrub the inner walls and bottom of the toilet with a special brush.

As soon as you flush the toilet, the bad smell disappears ! The tea bags will have contributed not only to eliminating the smell of the toilet, at the same time to disinfecting it and leaving it cleaner and whiter than ever, and this is due to the cleaning and sanitizing characteristics of the tea bags.

You can also place 2 tea bags in 500ml of hot water for about 5 minutes maximum and add the mixture to the toilet. Once the rest time has elapsed, we proceed as before. This mixture also helps make the water less calcareous.