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Take Baking Soda Or Vinegar. I Will Show You How To Make Your Shoes Smell Good As New After One Night. Also, You Needn’t Wash Them Often Any More

Every day our shoes take us everywhere we want to go. And sometimes, when you take your shoes off, you can smell that you’ve been walking. A lot. Your stinky shoes are sentenced to the hallway, just so you won’t have to smell them anymore. But a better solution would be to get rid of the smell altogether.

The cause

There are all kinds of dander, dirt, bacteria and fungal growth on the inside of your shoes. Especially the last two are contributors to the smell in your shoes. When you walk around, your feet get warm. That’s when bacteria and fungi thrive. You can not prevent bacteria and fungi from having a field day in your shoes, you can however, get rid of the smell in your shoes. Find out more by reading on.

1. Baking soda

If you put a little bit of baking soda in your shoes, it will absorb all the smells coming from the inside of your sneakers. Leave it in there for 24 hours and then vacuum the inside of your shoes to get the baking soda out. Your shoes will smell good as new after that.

2. Vinegar

Another solution is vinegar. Mix a little bit of vinegar and dish soap in a bowl and soak a rag in it. Afterwards, put the damp rag in your shoe and leave it there for the night. The next day, the smell will be completely gone.