Switzerland Makes It Illegal To Own Just One Guinea Pig Because They Get Lonely

Switzerland forbids owning a single guinea pig because they feel lonely

To deny a domestic animal the opportunity to become friends with a member of its kind could be considered cruelty, at least in Switzerland. According to Techly, it is illegal to have a single guinea pig every year because of a 2008 animal rights law.

It is not uncommon for a Swiss to have a guinea pig. While many people consider dogs and cats to be normal domestic animals, Swiss guinea pigs are similar.

These animals are often treated as members of the family. In fact, the country has taken legal action to ensure that these animals enjoy the same rights and protection as individuals.

The Swiss government wants the population to lead a happy and healthy life. This objective also applies to animals living near these people. Although some foreigners find it hard to believe, guinea pigs are also protected by law in Switzerland.

No one will be able to look at these furry creatures anymore. The new law stipulates that owners must not only own a guinea pig, because this isolated silhouette makes this animal more vulnerable to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Homeowners can greatly improve the lives of their guinea pigs by having more than one animal in a pen.

However, this law raises an interesting and relevant question. What should an owner do if a guinea pig dies? Fortunately, there are many services available to hire a guinea pig.

For example, if you have two guinea pigs and a passport, there is a store where you can hire a guinea pig to manage your other business.

This ensures that the owners do not violate the law.

Switzerland has many other laws protecting animal rights. For example, goldfish must be accompanied by another fish in their pool. Many bird species need to be socialized regularly. Although owners may have a cat, these animals must be able to see other cats through the window.

The owners of guinea pigs are looking for a companion to improve the quality of life of their animals. Although this law is relatively new, the precedent has been introduced in the past with similar judgments.

While many foreigners find these laws strange, the intentions behind these rules are understandable. The Swiss government has not yet announced plans for human society.

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