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Supermom Without Arms Raising Only Daughter Inspires Thousands

Supermom Without Arms Raising Daughter Inspires Thousands

A Brussels mom, dubbed “super mom,” was born without arms. But even with her condition, she inspires thousands as she raises her only daughter.

Sarah Talbi was born without upper limbs and does everything from cooking to painting with her feet. Initially, she had began her YouTube channel to showcase her paintings. Soon people began to ask her if she could do other things and how she does them. Thanks to their requests and curiosity, she had started vlogging her daily activities.

Sarah also has a daughter named Lilia to raise which comes which it’s own challenges. The Belgian mom explains that her daughter assumes that having no limbs is normal just like there are people who have other physical disabilities. And that she cannot really explain as to how she could do all things with her feet. The brain just adapts to doing things differently. It was just natural to her.

“It is a huge achievement becoming a mum,” she said. “It’s my best achievement … But my disability had to adapt to having a baby. Now I have two years of experience, and I can do everything with my daughter. She holds me by my sleeve when we walk along the street. It’s unbelievable. She’s holding it like a hand.”


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Her story warmed the hearts of thousands. Indeed, Sarah is such an inspiring woman who did not allow her condition to stop living a normal life. One thing we could significantly learn from her is that we can do all things through Christ, who gives us strength.

Such a blessing to thousands!