Women That Choose to Stay Single for Long Periods of Time Are the Happiest!

Women That Choose to Stay Single for Long Periods of Time Are the Happiest!

We live in a time when single women try to have no partners and are generally described as unhappy, dissatisfied, isolated and lonely.

However, the truth is that the relationship with women and their love life should not be considered as a criterion of happiness.


Because single women do not base their happiness and success on the status of their relationship.

Because they do not need a partner to feel happy and fulfilled, they are.

Because they resist modern stereotypes that make them feel bad and less worthy if they do not have a romantic partner.

Women who are single for an extended period are not unhappy, lonely, miserable, or emotionally agitated.

There are many reasons why some women stay alone for long periods.

Maybe they had ex-people who left them and broke their hearts.

Maybe they are not used to being someone’s girlfriend or even single when they were at school.

They may have taken some dates since their separation from their last boyfriend, but these dates have never become exclusive romantic relationships.

Or maybe they chose to stay single because they need to take a break from the dating world.

Whatever the reason, women who are single for a long time are the happiest, and here are the reasons:

They do not feel alone when they sleep alone. They do not feel embarrassed to go to weddings alone.

They are the happiest since they embrace their loneliness. They agree on who they are. They are not afraid to buy clothes alone or to have lunch in their favorite restaurant.

They are happiest because they have enough time to focus on their needs, goals and passions. They have all the time in the world to find out what they really need and want in life, and do it.\

They do not feel unhappy or alone, simply because they do not have a romantic partner to share their experiences with – they feel comfortable with their loneliness and enjoy their own company.

They are happiest when they pursue their goals, dreams and passions instead of abandoning them. They have ample time to discover what is important to them in life and their priorities.

In the end, they are the happiest because they are more in touch with their friends, family and colleagues. They stay close to them and do not separate.

They are happier to know that a romantic partner does not have to be the center of their world. He does not have to be the only thing they think.

They are the happiest since they committed to their independence. They are able to take care of themselves and make a living. They believe in themselves and can build a happy, meaningful and enjoyable life.

Instead of spending their time chasing chicks, these women pursue what they want to achieve in life and their future.

Women who do not meet for long periods of time are not afraid of being single or never getting married forever – they are used to living their lives that way.

Someone who is happy, fulfilled and who succeeds alone. Someone who is as smart and strong as he is and who can follow them in all areas.

When they spend their lives alone or in silence, they do not feel anxious or alone – and they like to live. For her loneliness is not scary – she is inspiring.

And when they meet someone and decide to start a relationship, it will be someone who will encourage them to have even more happiness and success.

It will be someone who will be happy that his wife has her own goals, projects, dreams and passions and that she controls her life. Someone who is happy when he achieves his goals and also encourages them to pursue more ambitious goals. Someone who makes her stronger, happier and more fulfilling than she already is.

Because these women will never give up their independence, their individuality and their strength. They will never give up their goals, dreams and desires, and will never forget who they are to love someone.

You will never be with someone who could stop them from leading an authentic, truly happy and meaningful life.