Stay at home mom depression

Stay at home mom depression

Stay Home Mom (SAHM) Depression … The elephant in the room that nobody talks about. I mean, how dare you complain after having the opportunity to stay at home and raise your own kids?

But it’s not that simple: of course, we thank the SAHM for staying home and raising our boys, but that’s literally all we get.

Nobody talks about isolation. Nobody talks about loss of identity. Nobody talks about loneliness. Nobody talks about losing their self-confidence. Nobody talks about giving up their career because staying at home costs less.


Nobody talks about how you cry in the shower because your day has been overwhelming. Nobody understands why you are tired. Nobody understands why you are irritated. Nobody understands why you need a mental break. Nobody understands why you are so boring with your children.

Nobody understands why the house is still a wreck after spending the whole day at home. Nobody understands why you only need 5 minutes without anyone talking to you or touching you. Nobody understands why you lost your libido. Nobody understands why you are completely exhausted. After all, you stay at home all day.

Nobody understands the feeling you have when you are told that you do not have a “real job”.

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Most of us worked before. We have to go to work and interact with other adults outside of our home. We have made a financial contribution to our budget. (Shoot, most of us want a secondary or part-time job as this would bring some financial relief.)

We did not feel like an endless housekeeper. We have this break (although the work is a love-hate relationship), which gives you room for the people you live with (children, spouses, etc.), because yes, every relationship needs time to do not go crazy 24/7. be. It’s not healthy Contrary to popular belief, you need a break every day.

I can not tell you how many women I meet or know who say, “Oh, you have too much time, I wish I could stay home, I would not complain.”

Nice for you!

I can guarantee you that you will change your mind in 6 months, unless you are rich and you do not have money to do all the time. I was once with you. I wish I could stay home with my children because I wanted to spend as much time as possible. I did not know what it had to do with being a SAWM.

Oh, but you chose these kids. You should have thought about it before having it. If you did not want to go through all this, you should never have children. And you said you want more?

Seriously … I heard everything before.

The next time you hear or see a SMAP that triggers your frustrations, listen to it and make yourself feel like someone. That their struggles are not invalid.


Maybe you saw my message buzzing on Facebook. I wrote it in April because I felt that I was getting lost in my motherhood. So many women can identify themselves! You can see more on Facebook at Momma’s Tired or on my blog