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Spraying perfume on these areas will make the fragrance of your perfume last longer on your body

Maybe you don’t believe there are specific parts of the body that makes the fragrance of your perfume last longer?

Where you spray your perfume makes a difference.

The human body has natural oil that can help perfume perform at its best, and these oils are located at pulse points in the body.

The pulse points generates heat which help keep the fragrance when released in the air.

See the best areas to spray your perfume.

Neck – The neck has a warm pulse and is generally exposed and as such, is a good places to spray your perfume. Also, it creates a nice impression after a hug.

Elbow – The inside of your elbow is one of the places on your body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin, making it a great pulse point for fragrance.

Behind your ears– The areas behind your ears is very oily and help the scent of the perfume perform at its best an leaves a lasting impression after a warm hug.

Top of your shoulders– The shoulders enhances the scent that you already have around your neck.

Behind the knees– If you are wearing a dress that exposes the knees, then it will pay off because the back of the knees are pulse points.

Wrists– the wrist is at good point to apply perfume on.

On the hair– perfume adds fragrance onto the strand of your hair and will help spread your favourite fragrance. Just be sure to use a perfume that will not damage your strands.

Chest– You first have to consider what you are wearing. If you are putting on address that is not so closely tightened, then your chest my be a good idea.

Throat– the throat is a pulse point. Apply specifically on your throat since it’s a pulse point, your fragrance will last longer here.

Your clothes– Applying perfume on your clothes will not be a bad idea because clothes absorb and sustain perfume longer than the normal skin would do.