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Spiritual Corner: If you have itches around your left foot, here’s what it means

If you search for “foot itching” in Google, you will get a variety of results. It will come up with a range of conditions. You might have a atopic dermatitis, athlete’s foot or topical dermatitis. Unless you have other symptoms, these illnesses are most likely not to blame.

If you ask your grandmother or grandfather about the bottom of your left foot itching, then you will most likely get an entirely different answer. This symptom is associated with a number of superstitions. These beliefs may differ from location to area, but there are a few consistent interpretations.

Bottom of Left Foot Itching Superstition

The most common superstitions about your feet say that itching is a sign of travel. You will either have a new opportunity to travel in the future, or you will be forced to embark on a long journey. In one particular superstition, it was said that a right itchy foot was a sign that the place where you end your travel at is a place where you will feel at home. Meanwhile, itching on the left foot is thought to be a sign of a journey that will end in disaster.

In some cultures, an itchy foot is a sign that you are unable to sit still. You feel the need to constantly move around. Whether its a restless mind or an itch for wandering the world, you cannot just sit still for more than a moment at a time.

Meanwhile, another superstition is a little more sinister. An itchy foot, according to certain traditions, is a warning that one of your family members will die soon. Fortunately, this is most likely not the cause of the itching on the bottom of your left foot.

In some cultures, it is said that an itchy foot is a sign that your next pair of shoes will not actually work for you. A different superstition says that it means that someone was talking about you while you were walking.

In short, although an itchy left foot is most likely to mean something physical, such as an insect bite or even circulation, it’s still interesting to know what the age-old reasons are behind our ailments — which might end up having some truth to them after all!