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Son ask: ‘Why is your mom white & you’re brown?’ – his reply has her beaming with pride

Son ask: ‘Why is your mom white & you’re brown?’ – his reply has her beaming with pride

Many people grow up dreaming of the day they’ll welcome their own children into the world. But for one reason or another, it isn’t always possible for every prospective parent to have biological babies, so many of them decide to adopt instead.

This was the case for JS and her husband. JS and BS tried to get pregnant for years before making the decision to adopt

After all, they had a lot of love to give, and they knew that there were many lonely kids out there just waiting for an adoptive mom and dad to protect and provide for them.

First, JSand her husband adopted a little girl. The process went so well, they later decided to adopt two more children, both boys.

Clearly, the kids all have a different skin color to their adoptive parents, but that doesn’t make one bit of difference to the love they share and the family bonds they’ve forged together.

JS says she understands people might think it’s a little ‘weird’, but she truly forgets that her kids are adopted.

Fortunately, many other people who see the family feel the same way.
Sure, they get a few odd glances from time to time, but they also get plenty of smiles and kind comments from total strangers. JSshares stories of their lives on social media and even reported how a kind old man recently approached them in a fast food restaurant to say how beautiful their family was.

Now and then, however, JSand her kids are faced with different reactions and have to deal with them the best they can.

During a trip to the local park, a little boy approached one of Jessica’s sons and asked “Why is your mom white and you’re brown?” Jessica’s son had the perfect response: “Families don’t have to match to be a family. What makes a family is their love.

Just like any loving parent would, JSalmost melted with love and pride after hearing such a lovely statement from her little boy.

It’s simply inspiring to see this loving family, proving that skin color is irrelevant when it comes to love, care, and compassion.

JSand her husband are clearly doing a very good job of raising their little ones. They accept that their kids have a different skin color and encourage them to learn about diversity and embrace it, while also knowing that it doesn’t define them and it definitely doesn’t have any impact on the love they share.

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