Sometimes The Love Of Your Life Comes After The Mistake Of Your Life

Sometimes the love of your life comes after the mistake of your life

You will meet this person who will love you as much as you deserve to be loved. the way you always wanted to be loved

Grief can be a terrible thing. It can be so difficult to get out of the emotional abyss that a bad relationship can be left in your life. They invest so much in a relationship just to blow everything up. You give your heart to another person just to crush it and give it goose bumps. You should have seen the signs early, but you were stupid how many people are because of love. And in the end, you paid the price for your stupidity. You saw very early the destructive and toxic behavior, but you just ignored it. You did not think it was a big problem. You, that you were special and that you were the one who could change it, even though so many others have tried and failed.

They thought that at some point he would see how much you loved him and that he would treat you better in this way. That day never happened, but at that time you had incredible hope. They always had the blind optimism of a small child with the same kind of restraint. The signs were visible to everyone. Even your friends warned you of him, but you would never listen to them. You only listened to your heart and in the end, your heart betrayed you. You did not see every time you had to be the first to write a text message to him, and then he needed hours, sometimes even days, to give you an answer.

He was never busy. He just did not make much use of your time and feelings, being forced to give you an immediate answer. You have not seen every time he calls you a fool for error. and you never forget it. You have not seen all those moments when he never really gave you the space you needed to be honest and free. He always wanted silence out of you. You did not see that all these times, when he was kind to you, he only did it because he wanted something. You have not seen it with all its dishonesty and lies. He never intended to love you. He never intended to give you the kind of love you always gave him voluntarily.

He would never give you the future you wanted for both of you. He would never meet your expectations. He would never give you all the dreams you wanted to achieve. It was the biggest mistake in your romantic life and you can see it now, but it’s okay. Because sometimes the love of your life comes after the mistake of your life. You will meet this person who will love you as much as you deserve to be loved. the way you always wanted to be loved You will hesitate first. You will have a well-kept heart. You will isolate yourself and protect yourself because you have learned from the past. You will hesitate, but that’s good.

The love of your life will be patient with you. He will wait until you are ready. It may take a lot of time and space, but it will always be there for you, because for him, you are worth it. He will be patient with you and kind to you. He will think of you. It will never let you wait days or hours for a simple text. In fact, he will be the one who writes to you first. He will be happy to prepare homemade meals for the evening appointment. He will not work hard on you if you make a mistake or if you stumble. He will treat his words with sensitivity. He will understand. He will see you as a defective person who has a lot of scars.

He will do everything to heal you and restore you. He will see all the mistakes you have and he will always love you despite these mistakes. So do not be sad that you have made mistakes in the past. Because when it comes to love, you have to know that the one that suits you best around the corner is waiting for you. And sometimes you have to make mistakes by going to the one that suits you.