Someone who cares enough

“When you meet someone who tries their hardest to stick by you regardless of how difficult you are, keep them. Keep them at all costs because finding someone who cares enough to look past your flaws isn’t something that happens every day. “

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Sometimes, I am not sure whether I am addicted to him, or addicted to love. I mean, I really love the feeling of falling in love and being in love with someone who also feels the same way about me. I get butterflies in my stomach whenever we talk, the nervous breakdown when I see him; it’s a beautiful feeling. Most of all, I love the vibe. I feel excited to wake up every morning, I am energetic and feel so alive, I glow differently, my cheeks blush naturally because, I am happy. I smile all the time until people around me also start smiling too. It’s a good vibe…a sensational flaming erotic good vibe. It makes me fly high with pleasure. And maybe, I am addicted to him because, only he can give me that feeling. – Mn

The best feeling in the world is being with someone who wants you as much as you want them. – Unknow