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Some Stranger Padlocked This Guy’s Earlobe And Ran Away With The Key

It sounds like a very unlikely thing to happen but Tom Grim Fandango Matthews – as his name appears on Facebook – claims he was totally unaware that someone locked a padlock to his earlobe

A man has been left angry and confused after discovering a padlock had been attached to his ear stretcher.

The man, who goes by the name Tom Grim Fandango Matthews on Facebook, said he was having a break at work and heard a click as an unknown person approached him from behind and locked a padlock through his ear.

He was not sure who had supplied his new earring when he posted his bizarre story online – only to be ridiculed by his friends over the incident.

He wrote on Facebook ‘So guess what some little w*** stain just did to me if I find you I will put you 6 feet under end of rant c*** [sic]’, with a photo of the padlock dangling from his ear.

It prompted one friend to inquire: ‘Can I just ask how you didn’t notice someone f****** about with you ear?’.

An irate Mr Matthews responded: ‘Literally having a fag out back literally they came out heard a click turned round realised they’re was a padlock on my ear and tried to chase em’.

No-one seemed to have much sympathy for the hapless man – the majority just laughed at his plight.

And despite Mr Matthews’ obvious anger at the situation – and threats towards the perpetrators -others just seemed to be enjoying it.

Some even chimed in with suggestions for him.

Since Mr Matthews, who appears to be from the United Kingdom, made the post on February 29, it has had nearly 9,000 interactions on Facebook, and nearly 2,000 shares – showing there are a lot of people taking interest in his situation.

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