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Some Cruise Ship Passengers Are Just Realizing What Upside-Down Pineapple Signs On Cabin Doors Mean

A vacationer received concerns from fellow travelers after noticing “cute little pineapples” affixed to cruise ship doors. While they’re often seen as aesthetic tributes to tropical fruits, their meaning can change dramatically in certain contexts – bring on the upside-down pineapple.

Pineapple Symbolism in Pop Culture and Beyond

Typically, pineapple emblems and ornaments are appreciated for their decorative appeal. With roots in territories like West Africa and Latin America. In popular culture, pineapples are famously associated with Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob SquarePants,” where the main character lives in a pineapple under the sea.

A Different Meaning in the Adult Cruise World

However, on adult cruises, pineapples take on a more provocative meaning, as discovered by TikToker Dominique (@blogionistatravels). Dominique, documenting her first cruise experience on social media, shared a video featuring various cabin doors adorned with pineapple stickers.

TikTok Video Goes Viral- Viewer Reactions and Concerns

The 15-second clip, which has garnered 21 million views since its September 2022 posting, shows Dominique walking down a cruise ship corridor. Noting the very specific decorations on doors. She captioned the video, “When you’re on your first cruise and you see that everyone has these little cute pineapples on their door.”

The video sparked numerous reactions from viewers, some offering humorous and cautionary advice. One TikTok user remarked, “The welcome one with the butterfly makes me think it’s a sweet old lady that thinks ppl just decorate with pineapples on cruises & want to decorate.” Another quipped, “Still waiting on name of cruise… for a friend of course.”

Swinger Symbolism Explained

The presence of pineapples on cruise doors is more than just innocent decoration. According to Cruisehive, pineapples are a well-known symbol indicating an interest in swinging. These motifs, often displayed upside down, act as a covert signal for swinger parties and wife-swapping.

Other Signs of Swinger Activity & Advice for the Uninformed Traveler

Pineapples aren’t the only indicator used by swingers. Many adopt subtle signals such as wearing black rings or moving their wedding bands from the left to the right hand. For those who prefer to be open about their preferences, there are dedicated adult-only swingers cruises available.

As one commenter advised, “Baby just keep walking,” it’s clear that not everyone is aware of the hidden meanings behind these decorations. For unsuspecting travelers, it’s a humorous yet informative reminder of the diverse and sometimes unexpected customs encountered while cruising.