‘Smells like hell’: University of Canberra is evacuated after suspected gas leak turns out to be the rancid odour from the world’s smelliest FRUIT

‘Like Hell’: University of Canberra is being evacuated after the alleged gas leak is the rancid odor of the world’s most fragrant fruit

More than 500 students were evacuated from a library after it appeared that an alleged gas leak was a durian fruit.

The Facebook page of the University of Canberra warned students that the building had been released on Friday.

The staff evacuated 550 students from the building in just six minutes and thanked the students for their understanding.

“Fortunately, it appeared that the alleged gas leak was part of a durian – the offending fruit has now been removed,” said the page.

They added that the building was secure despite the persistent “gas smell”.

The fruits had been left in one of the bins of the library.

Durian fruit is a thorny fruit and has a distinct smell that permeates the skin.

The fruit is very popular in Southeast Asia and banned on public transport in Thailand and Hong Kong.

Several students commented on the evacuation notice.

We wrote: “Tastes love the sky, it smells like hell! In Singapore, there is no Durian on the road signs!”

While another wrote: “The smell is terrible, but pleasant to eat.”


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