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Simply flush the lemon peel down the toilet and you will be amazed at the result!

As s kitchen staple for many of us, lemons bring us more than just a pop of colour to our favourite dishes: the lemon is a natural little housekeeper. At timelesslife.info, we’re fond of lemons as a precious nutritional ally, as well as a useful tool to keep your home in good health.

So, what makes lemons a great cleaner?

Lemon’s sour properties are, chemically speaking, known as citric acid. The citric acid in lemons is antibacterial and antiseptic, which means that lemons can kill bacteria, remove mould and mildew and even, if done properly, remove rust.

The oils in the peel (or rinds) of the lemon can also help to cut through grease and staining, leaving household items clean and shining. The acidity of lemons is, simply put, what gives it such good cleaning power.

Using lemons around the home can also have some great health benefits for the whole family. Often harsh, traditional household cleaning products can aggravate skin allergies and eczema – whereas lemons are a natural, less aggressive alternative.

Inexpensive, very easy to come by and safer than traditional home cleaning agents, lemons are so much more than just ingredients for cooking and baking – they are a great way to naturally clean the home.

Below, we will guide you how to clean your toilet with lemon peels

You will need to prepare these ingredients

– Lemon peels
– Water
– Baking soda

Watch the video below for the instructions