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Shampooing with a can of beer to clean the dandruff, reduce the hair loss and grow hair like it is magic

Wash with a can of beer to clear dandruff, reduce hair loss and make hair grow like magic

1. Minerals

Beer contains selenium and is a good source of silicon. Selenium deficiency is linked to hair pigment loss, and silicon deficiency can cause hair loss.

2. B-vitamins

Beer is rich in vitamin B, which is why it helps keep hair strong and shiny.

3. Zinc, folate, biotin, vitamin d, and calcium

Beer contains essential nutrients like zinc, folate, biotin, calcium, and vitamin D). All of these elements are crucial for maintaining healthy hair. Lack of these nutrients can trigger androgenic alopecia and telogen effluvium and cause hair loss and hair damage.

You may be thinking that if beer is rich in nutrients beneficial to hair, does that mean it can promote hair growth? Read the following section to find out.

4. While the proteins found in malt and hops (the active ingredients in beer)

can repair your damaged hair, sucrose and maltose sugars work on the hair cuticles to strengthen them and make them shiny. So if your hair is dull, all you need is a bottle of beer to restore volume and shine.

5.Maltose and sucrose

In particular, the maltose and sucrose in beer help to tighten color and create shine for each fiber, improving damage associated with damage, including scalp or split hair, removing irritation from Itchy…

Want beautiful hair without dandruff?

Here’s the tip for you:

Step 1: If your hair is very fragile, go through many beauty treatments, such as dyeing, bending, etc., then pour beer in the pot, let them steam air for about 30 minutes, reducing the concentration of alcohol and gas. The release of carbon dioxide restricts hair healing.

Let the beer air steam for about 30 minutes!

Step 2: Next, shampoo in normal mode, then use beer to replace conditioner, slowly pour into hair and gently massage with fingertips to deeply nourish hair and oily skin .

Work like this for about 2 minutes, if your hair is split, dip your tail in the beer for 5 minutes, you will see a marked reduction. In case you fear the smell of beer in your hair, then reverse the process, use shampoo with beer first and then use shampoo.

Step 3: Add 5 – 10 minutes to maximize use. Finally, rinse with water, permeate hair dry with a soft towel. Do not use the blow dryer to avoid hair damage, plus you should only apply up to 3 times a week, you should not abuse it.

What an amazing change!

Only after 1 or 2 applications, you will feel the surprise effect, stronger and thicker hair with a very comfortable scalp, no dandruff, no itching.

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