Home News September’s Harvest Moon Is Also A Supermoon! Here’s How To See It.

September’s Harvest Moon Is Also A Supermoon! Here’s How To See It.

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Get ready for the last supermoon of 2023. 

It’s also this year’s harvest moon, which is the full moon that occurs closest to the first day of autumn. It’s named after the time of year that farmers in the northern hemisphere are getting ready to reap the benefits of their labor. What’s especially cool about the harvest moon is that it can actually look orange or even red at certain points!

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

It is worth seeing this year’s harvest moon, since it also happens to be a supermoon! 

That means that it will be especially close to earth, making it look even larger and brighter than usual from our perspective. According to Business Insider, this is the last supermoon of the year.

If you want to witness this splendid celestial event, please note that the harvest supermoon will appear in the sky on Friday, September 29, according to Business Insider. The best time to check it out is at moonrise, since that’s when it will be at its most impressive in both color and size. You can take a look at the Old Farmer’s Almanac to find out when the moon rises in your area.

Photo by Jennifer Aldrich on Unsplash

Some believe the harvest supermoon has astrological significance as well as physical beauty! 

Astrologer Kyle Thomas explained to People that, since the moon will be in Aries, “the energy of this Cardinal Fire sign will be infused within our lives.”

“We will feel fired up to seize the day, carve out our own paths, and follow the desires of our egos,” he continued. “We will not be focused on the ideas or plans of others, we will prioritize our own needs at the expense of others.”