Grandfather Left Fighting For His Life After Developing Sepsis Due To Biting His Nails

Grandpa fought for his life after developing sepsis because he had to bite his nails

This story should be a lesson not to bite your nails.

A 57-year-old grandfather struggled in the fight of his life because of a chronic and sober habit. Ricky Kennedy has developed a life-threatening illness due to this bad habit. Kennedy had only a 50% chance of survival after being diagnosed with sepsis.

Fortunately, Kennedy defeated after spending months in the hospital for treatment. Sepsis occurs when the body reacts to infection by attacking various organs and tissues.

Kennedy first noticed that there was a problem when he developed a thumb bulb. His doctor prescribed a series of antibiotics to clear the infection. Unfortunately, the infection quickly spread to the chest, arms and hands.

The pain became so intense that Kennedy thought he had a heart attack.
His quick wife called an ambulance just in time. The infection spread throughout the body when doctors were able to examine it. Kennedy could barely breathe or get up.

In fighting the infection, Kennedy still needs clavicle surgery to repair the damage caused by sepsis.

This should be a good lesson for anyone biting their nails. After watching this amazing video, you should spread the word to someone you know. This knowledge could potentially save a life, and it is imperative that everyone be aware of the dangers of sepsis.

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