Seattle Woodworker Creates Stunning Bathtubs Using Marine Technology

Nathie Katzoff, architect of NK Woodworking, turns the wooden bathtub into a piece of art worth more than $ 30,000!

This specialist creates wood artwork and has some amazing items in his repertoire, including boat building training that helps him make these spectacular tubs.

The most important thing about these bins is that the wood is much better insulated than traditional materials such as porcelain or metal, so the water stays warmer longer.

Each of these large tanks requires hundreds of hours to make and shine a composite finish that originates from the superb woodwork and restoration of Katzoff.
He did what seemed impossible with the exotic wood, transferred his experience of wooden boat to swimming and created these impressive exotic wooden vats.

He says they use Sapele mahogany as “the popular wood of choice” and that they plan to become a Steinway or a Maserati of bathtubs.