Science Says That Your Forgetfulness Is Actually A Sign Of Unusual Intelligence

There are people who are proud of their excellent memories, which can certainly be useful in school or social situations. However, it is almost impossible to remember every detail of every situation and it is almost as impossible to remember all the facts you learn in school, especially over a long period.

If you forget something, you often feel stupid. You do not feel particularly clever when you’re in the middle of the grocery store, you try to remember everything you need, and you do not feel exceptionally bright when you move from one room to another, forgetting why you made the trip. have.

You may be wondering why these small brain losses occur, but you do not really have to worry. Researchers Paul Frankland and Blake Richards of the University of Toronto have discovered that ancient memories in the brain are literally “crushed” by new memories. Basically, it’s harder for us to remember old impressions – or forget them altogether.

According to the study, perfect memory is in no way associated with high intelligence. In fact, the study found that the opposite is true. Although you may assume that a person with a large memory is generally considered intelligent, it is actually more meaningful and even healthier to memorize everything and forget the small details.

“It’s important for the brain to forget irrelevant details and instead focus on what helps you make real-world decisions,” Richards said in an interview with CNN.
The brain has a small mechanism, the hippocampus, and this component of the mind stores memories. This helps to eliminate unimportant details, so you can focus more on what’s really important. In this way, you can make smart decisions more effectively.

During this process, the brain crushes old memories with new and larger ones. An overcrowded brain with too many memories has more than one conflict in its ability to make decisions. For example, a brain with many memories might be undecided because it takes into account too many variables.

“We know that sport increases the number of neurons in the hippocampus,” said Richards. “It’s precisely these details of your life that are not important and that can prevent you from making good decisions.”
This makes sense from a biological point of view, because the first humans had to remember essential details to survive, so that the brain develops to make it possible. However, with the technological advances of recent years, humans are eliminating the need for detailed memory.

In the modern world, it’s much more useful to understand how Google works than to remember unusual tasks. It just means that it’s even more acceptable to occasionally forget small details, because you can now easily search for information you need to know at any time.

Forgetting long periods or large pieces of important information can be a serious problem, but otherwise, it is normal to miss small details. You do not have to feel stupid if you forget it, it just means that your mind is working as it should.

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