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Schoolgirl who makes £105k a month with toy business could retire at 15

A 10-year-old entrepreneur from Australia – who has a toy and hair accessory empire – is set to retire by the age of 15, her mother has revealed.

Pixie Curtis first launched Pixie’s Bows in 2011.

Pixie Curtis could be set for life before she even finishes high school thanks to the widely successful accessory and toy businesses that she started with her mom in Sydney, Australia, Stellar Magazine reported.

In May, Pixie Curtis and her mother, PR firm director Roxy Jacenko, launched Pixie’s Fidgets – a colourful range of fidget toys which made more than $200,000 (£106,000) in its first month.

Pixie Curtis launched Pixie’s fidgets with the help of mum Roxy, with her colourful popping trinkets often completely selling out – earning her a whopping £105,000 last month.

Pixie Curtis and her mom followed up the launch of Pixie’s Bows with Pixie’s Fidgets.

According to the Mirror, the toy venture isn’t her only namesake company either, with her mum creating Pixie’s bows when she was just a baby, selling bows, headbands, clips and other stylish accessories.

The mother-daughter duo first launched Pixie’s Bows in 2011, followed by Pixie’s Fidgets in May, with the two ventures estimated to earn $21 million in the next decade, the outlet said.

In the first month alone, Pixie’s Fidgets sold more than $200,000 worth of products.

Roxy Jacenko said the most reward part of growing the businesses has been watching her daughter Pixie’s drive and business acumen.

Jacenko said the “most rewarding” part of the journey has been watching her daughter’s drive and business acumen.

While Roxy said she’s set all this up for Pixie so she “can retire at 15” if she wants to, the mum believes that is unlikely given her pre-teen’s entrepreneurial drive.

Pixie is still at primary school in Sydney, Australia, but she and her brother were each given a £141,000 Merendes Benz earlier this year.

Pixie said that she plans to use her earnings to treat her mom to a shopping spree as well as a luxury vacation for the holidays.

Roxy, who works in PR, lives in a $6.6million (£3.6million) mansion in Sydney with her kids and husband Oliver Curtis, who she married in 2012.

The mother has a number of successful communications businesses, including Sweaty Betty PR.

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