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Say “I love you” in these unique ways and you will make your partner never forget

Saying “I love you” in a romantic sense can be a difficult thing to do. You’re exposing yourself. The response may not be positive. There’s a risk.

The good news: there are many ways to express your feelings to the one that you love. Sometimes, injecting a little humor helps. And, on this page, we’ve come to your assistance with some ideas.

1. “You are the crayons to my coloring book.”
2. “I’ve fallen in love with you and can’t get up.”
3. “I’m mad in love with you, or maybe I’m just crazy!”
4. “You’re like bacon in that you improve everything!”
5. “I just wanna be your teddy bear. Well, not a soft, squishy teddy bear, but more of a rock-hard, six-pack teddy bear.”
6. “When I look at you, I feel a warmth in my heart. At least, I think it’s warmth; I did have a burrito for lunch.”
7. ” If I wrote the book of love, you would be my dedication.”
8. “I want to bother you for a long time.”
9. “You’re my go-to source of amusement.”
10. “Let’s get wrinkly and old together.”
11. “Without you, life will be dull.”
12. “My heart has been robbed of a pizza by you.”
13. “You’re a co-conspirator like me.”
14. “You look fantastic today, as well as every day.”
15. “Your touch makes me quiver,
Your look makes me shiver.
I hope you’re a giver,
Cause I think I can deliver!”
16. “My feelings for you are a miracle. Not like walking on water, but pretty darn close.”
17. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re hot?”
18. “Sometimes, I think you’re just a dream.
But then I wake up and realize you’re my special nightmare.”
19. “I see stars when I look in your eyes.
Or maybe it’s a concussion, hmmm…could be love too.”
20. “I got my glasses checked, and now I believe in love at first sight.
I didn’t recognize you before.”
21. “If I could only have one guest for dinner, it would be you.
Not as the main dish, as a companion, of course.”
22. ” When you frown, my mood is down.
And when you smile, I fly a mile.
When you laugh, my worries are cut in half.
But when you sing, well, frankly, you’re no Bing.”
23. “You are like a cup of tea by the fire.
Warm, and a little bit hot, sparkling too.”
24. “If I were a flower, I would bloom in your sunshine.
If I were a weed, I would wither in your shadow.”
25. “They say you are the sun, the moon, and the stars.
For me, you are the dishes, the laundry, and the stove.”

Source: greetingcardpoet.com