Home Beauty Rubbing VapoRub to Your Skin at Night Will Surprise You

Rubbing VapoRub to Your Skin at Night Will Surprise You

9 Surprising Ways You Can Use Vicks VapoRub That Have Nothing to Do With Your Cold

1. A cellulite burner

You can burn off your excess cellulite by using Vicks VapoRub. All you have to do is take a good amount of Vicks and massage it on your skin for a few minutes, then leave it on overnight. Repeat this process regularly and you will definitely see results.

2. Stretch mark removal

People have long praised Vicks VapoRub for softening pregnancy lines. Apply Vicks to your stretch marks and wrap the area with cling film. Leave it on overnight and you’ll see your stretch marks become invisible after the first use.

3. Makes small cuts disappear

For quick healing of splinters and small cuts, apply a generous amount of Vicks within an hour of the cut and a few hours after.

4. For soft heels

The Ayurvedic composition of Vicks provides enough moisture to treat your cracked and dry heels. Simply spread a little Vicks on cracked feet and cover them with socks before going to bed.

5. Skin moisturizer

Apply a little Vicks VapoRub to problem areas where skin is often dry and watch it become smooth as a baby’s bottom in no time.

6. Get rid of wrinkles

Its highly moisturizing content will instantly relieve stress lines.

7. For soft lips

This is my favorite. Apply Vicks VapoRub to your dehydrated, chapped lips for soft, smooth lips.

8. Bug repellent

Many people credit the oils in Vicks with the ability to prevent insect bites and ticks from clinging to the skin. Vicks VapoRub contains cedar leaf oil, a mild pesticide that can actually repel insects.

9. Treating nail fungus

Some users have reported that rubbing Vicks VapoRub on their feet can effectively cure athlete’s foot and fungal infections.