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Reasons why guys like to touch their woman

Ladies, here are reasons why your man likes to touch you

1. He wants to convince you of his love

A man can use physical touch to show his intention that he is everything to you. He thinks being by your side will give you confidence and convince you enough of his love.

He is touching you because he feels that is one of the proper ways of being seen as a determined potential partner.

2. He is attracted to you

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and men seek a physical connection to the things they admire. If he wants to steal your body against him, it means he has developed high feelings for you.

It means he cannot help but get connected to what his mind admires.

A guy will love to touch you more and more because he is aware he would get the remark through your beautiful smile and your cheerfulness is a plus for him to love you more.

Seeing you happy is a full sensation of happiness for him as well.

3. He is insecure

An inferiority complex can cause your boyfriend to fall in love with you and want you all the time. He’s afraid of losing you to some random guy.

Also, if you’ve made great accomplishments over time and gained more recognition through the job or career you’re pursuing, your boyfriend may feel insecure and think he might lose you soon.

He might get closer to you than before, thinking his companionship will suppress your supposed ego. And that his continued loyalty will get him a unique space in your heart.

4. He wants to dominate

A man with a superiority complex will have a hard time letting go of you, as will someone who struggles with an inferiority complex.

If he doesn’t trust you and always wants your life to revolve around him, he’ll still prefer to keep you to himself in public.

He can do this by holding your hand or always having you sit together on a common occasion. He feels that you are his asset and he can spoil you as he wants.

In this case, he is so obsessed and greedy with his desires that he is always sensitive to his territory for you.

It shows that he is dominant if he always admires your beauty and kisses you to compliment every gorgeous dress you wear but gets jealous if a male friend often hugs you or holds your hand for a long time.

5. He wants everyone to know he is your partner

A guy who draws you in possessively or brushes away a strand of hair, holding your hand and curving your hip in public, wants to show others, especially men, that the both of you are an item and share a level of intimacy.

He may not make an announcement to people about your affair with him but decided to communicate through gestures of public display of affection.

One of those ways of public display of affection is touching you whenever people he knows are present.