Puppy Starved for Months Dumped in Gutter Like Trash, Reward for Info Soars to $10,000

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It was thrown into the gutter on July 10, 2019, just meters from the doors of the Washington Humane Rescue Alliance. Nobody cared enough about Shepherd, the 9-month-old pit bull puppy, to give him the love and care he needed

The hungry puppy was full of scabies, severely emaciated and barely breathing. He was so weak that he could not walk. The rescuer who found him discovered that Shepherd had spent twelve long and only hours in the gutter.

The pit bull, too weak to support the weight of his own body, was taken to the veterinary clinic. When the vets tried to draw blood for analysis, the puppy’s blood was so thick that the vets were afraid his organs would work.

But after a week at the veterinary clinic, Shepherd’s will to live showed signs of recovery. He went to a retirement home with his dog lover, Kim O’Keefe, where he has been since. We are now looking for the careless owner who left the puppy with garbage to die.

“He was the most relaxed and relaxed puppy,” O’Keefe told WUSA9. The dog lover takes care of the gentle German Shepherd at home in Burke, Virginia, until he is healthy enough to be released for adoption.

O’Keefe was contacted by the Humane Rescue Alliance and taking over Shepherd was a breeze. she had already seen her heart-rending rescue photos. “You get angry,” O’Keefe said before talking to ABC 7. “I think that’s the first reaction of all, if you see this picture, you get angry, you get angry.”

Since Shepherd was brought to this haven of peace, the caregiver has given the highest priority to attention and flogging. “The first thing to do is to make sure that he eats the right amount,” she said.

O’Keefe has already helped the puppy go from desperate 7 kg (15 pounds) to about 11 kg (24 pounds) in less than three weeks. It’s a triumph.

Better yet, Shepherd’s dick has never stopped moving.

“It’s a really happy dog,” O’Keefe confirmed with a smile. “I think anyone who has the chance to adopt will be happy to have him in his family.”

However, Hirten’s unbreakable spirit hides a devastating unresolved mystery. Who left the helpless pit bull puppy on the street to die? “We really hope to catch the culprit,” said Shannon Rose. “It’s useless, it’s inappropriate and it’s cruelty to animals.”

The surveillance camera images provide the best projection to date. The suspect’s car is partially identifiable, but while a person leaves the car, drops the puppy and leaves, the driver’s face is blurred. “The car is almost certainly a Dodge, maybe a charger or a challenger,” Rose said.

“What’s strange about this car is that it did not have a hood, so it’s quite characteristic, we hope someone saw it.”

The authorities have strongly urged people to provide information: a reward of $ 10,000. “We are determined to bring Shepherd’s abusers to justice,” said Chris Schindler, vice president of field services for the Humane Rescue Alliance, on the association’s website. “But we need the help of the community for that.”

There is absolutely no excuse for getting rid of animals in need and there is no shame in asking for help. All is better than letting a neglected animal die on the street alone. The Alliance even has an amazing “Pet Pantry” program that offers free pet food to anyone who needs it. This program has been put in place to help people take good care of their pets.

Rose warned people to use these services instead of letting soft, helpless puppies die like Shepherd. “It should not have happened,” she said.


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