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Princess Diana’s naughty letters sold at auction – it reveals a side of her we haven’t seen before

It has been several decades since Princess Diana’s passing, but millions worldwide still miss her. Her sudden passing left the world sh ocked, and her funeral remains one of the most-watched television broadcasts in history.

The life of The “People’s Princess”’within the Royal Family was rocky, as the affair between Charles and Camilla practically ripped their marriage apart. At the same time, however, Diana also was also rumored to have engaged in an af/fair.

Diana didn’t have any problem sharing details about how life within the Royal Family was, and what she deemed to be unfair treatment. In recent years, several of Diana’s letters have been re-discovered or found , and now, two more are up for auction.

This time, we can see a side of Princess Diana most will likely be rather unfamiliar with. By that we mean her naughty side, after she sent the King of Greece letters that almost certainly would have shocked the late Queen Elizabeth – and many other royals to boot.

The Princess’ life within the Royal Family was ever turbulent. After meeting, then marrying then-Prince Charles, their relationship developed into a toxic one.

It is said that the late Queen Elizabeth has tried to save Diana and Charles’ marriage many times. Just a month after Diana’s infamous BBC interview aired, the late queen sent the couple a letter urging them to get the divorce sorted out.

Princess Diana letters

As per royal expert and author Katie Nicholl, Queen Elizabeth saw the “damage it was causing to the monarchy as an institution” and that its reputation needed to remain intact.

Finally, Charles and Diana got divorced. In 1997, the princess found love with Egyptian film producer Dodi Al Fayed, who also d!ed in the same car ac cident as Diana later that same year.

Diana supposedly had many letters sent to her during her time within the royal sphere. Two new letters were sold on auction in February for $169,663. They reveal her true feelings about the divorce proceedings she shared with Charles.

According to the Mirror, the 32 “emotionally” raw letters were written by Diana to her two friends, Susie and Tarek Kasseem, during the acrimonious split. Diana described how she was left “on my knees” by the divorce settlement,and feared that the royals had bugged her phone.

One letter, which was written on April 28, 1996, revealed new details about Diana’s divorce from Charles. She said she had to cancel a trip to Italy and apologize to her friends because of how she felt mentally.

“I am having a very difficult time, and pressure is serious and coming from all sides. It’s too difficult sometimes to keep one’s head up, and today I am on my knees and just longing for this divorce to go through as the possible cost is tremendous,” Diana wrote.

Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

A few weeks later, Diana wrote another letter: “As I don’t have a mobile, it is difficult to discuss personal issues as my lines here are constantly recorded and passed on.

“If I’d known a year ago what I’d experience going through this divorce I never would have consented. It’s desperate and ugly.”

Naughty Princess Diana letters

According to the Mirror, in May, earlier this year, two greeting cards sent by Princess Diana to the King of Greece – Constantine II – went up for sale at auction.

They featured several s=ex=ual references, portraying a funnier, more non-serious side of Diana. Moreover, the greeting cards included handwritten messages and her signature.

The first card had a cartoon of a n–a–ked man leaning on a tree with the caption “Adam came first…Men always do!…”

The second showed a n–a–ked woman with the message ‘What’s the definition of the Perfect Man?’ followed by the answer: ‘A midget with a 10″ tongue who can breathe through his ears!’

It was followed by the answer: ‘A midget with a 10″ tongue who can breathe through his ears!’”

See pictures of the greeting cards here.

Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Constantine II was the last king of Greece, and became good friends with Diana. The cards sent to him from the princess were signed, reading: “Dearest Tino, lots of love from Diana.”

Sold for $7000

The second one said: “Dearest Tino, proudest love as always, from Diana.”

They went up for auction at Dominic Winter Auctioneers auction house, selling for $7,000.

“The reason for sending these cards, other than as a bit of fun, is unclear as the cards do not celebrate a birthday, Christmas or christening,” the auction house wrote on their website.

“Diana must have seen these cards and thought of Tino before buying and sending them, possibly inspired by a conversation they had had at some social gathering.”