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Pour Vinegar Down The Toilet Flush Tank, And See What Happens When You Flush

We all try to keep our home clean and hygienic, especially in the places where our body is most exposed to bacteria.

Cleaners and disinfectants aren’t always doing their job, so it’s good if we can know of alternative ways that can help us achieve the best results.

We learned a simple but very effective way that helps you make the toilets in your home cleaner and safer.

Here’s What should you do

To clean external dirt and disinfect the toilet with vinegar, you need:

– A glass of vinegar
– Baking soda powder
Using with baking soda (increased effect):

Heat the glass with vinegar to a temperature of 40 degrees, and mix with the baking soda powder. For 200 grams of vinegar you need one tablespoon of baking soda powder.

Pour the mixture into the toilet flush tank, and leave it there for a few hours. It is recommended to do this at night, so that the mixture stays in the flush tank during the night. To improve the results, you can repeat the process several times.

Using without baking soda:

Drain the flush tank, and close the faucet so it doesn’t fill up. Wipe the inside of the flush tank and dry with a cloth, and wipe again with a cloth soaked in vinegar. After 2-6 hours, you can clean the dirt accumulated in the tank.

What does the vinegar do?

1. Breaks down fur.

2. Removes rust from metal pieces.

3. Evaporating by itself, vinegar removes unpleasant odors.

4. Breaks down kidney stones.