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Police Officer Takes A 2-Year-Old Daughter Singing To Distract Her From Looking At Parents Car

After police officer Nick Strack arrived at the scene, he found the youngest member of the family, 2-year-old Serena, unharmed. She came out unscathed. At that time, she was alone, in a stupor, shocked and wet with gasoline.

The first person to find Serena is the paramedic. Serena was handed over to Officer Struck. When he saw the little girl, he saw the shock written on her face.

Immediately, he knows it’s up to him to calm Serena down and assure her that everything will be okay.

He transitions from cop to parent. However, Officer Struck encounters too many situations where he steps in to comfort and comfort his daughter. He remembered how he sang the popular song “Little Stars Twinkle” to his daughter, and sang the song to young Serena again.

The little girl seemed to have forgotten the tragic events and slowly eased her tension.

Some people don’t know what to do with a traumatized child, but Agent Strack knew how to treat her with as much kindness as a father and protect her. The witness must have been surprised by the human actions of the officer and photographed.

In such a dark time, a police officer with a big heart harbored an innocent victim of circumstance.

Once the image of the stricken officer holding Serena found its way to social media platforms, people were bound to share the officer’s merciful actions. It spread quickly.

Frappé went so far from his job description to comfort a kid who may have had no idea what was going on.