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Poignant Moment Shows Deaf Baby Hearing Her Mother’s Voice For First Time Ever

A woman and her beautiful baby daughter shared a very intimate and special moment together in early November 2021, and decided to post it online for the world to see.

Christina Pacala post a short clip of herself speaking with her daughter. While this may seem like a pretty standard day for most parents, this was an especially memorable moment for the pair as it was actually the first time that Pax’s daughter heard her voice.

Riley, her daughter, is deaf, but was finally able to hear Pax’s voice thanks to a useful tool: hearing aids.

The device allowed the little girl to experience several new sounds, including her own mother’s voice. It was an incredibly heartwarming and magical experience for both the mother and the daughter as they sat together. Along with getting to relive her own experience with her child, Pax also posted the video for an important reason.

“My husband and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Riley, into the world in October 2020,” Pacala told Fox News. “Shortly after Riley’s birth through a series of tests with an audiologist, we learned that Riley is deaf. We’ve made it our goal to give Riley access to as many tools as possible to help her communication and development – that includes giving her access to both American Sign Language, and spoken English.”

At first, Pax was hesitant to share the video of the beautiful moment, but ultimately went along with doing so in order to help raise awareness about what it’s like raising a deaf child, along with advocating for the deaf community. She also wanted to shed more light on how she viewed hearing aids.

The baby’s emotional reaction has since tugged at the heartstrings of people from all over the world, as many have found the short video and marveled at the beautiful moment between the mother and daughter duo.

The video of Pacala and Riley was taken a year ago.

Riley was fitted for hearing aids five weeks after her birth, and the video shows little Riley go through a series of emotions while Pacala lets her know how much she’s loved.

“Riley hearing our voices for the first time was a special moment for us, and it’s been fun to share that, and many other special moments, too,” Pacala said. “Like Riley taking her first steps, Riley’s first signs and our family learning American Sign Language together.”

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