PlayStation Network is DOWN: Thousands of users around the world report they can’t login, purchase games or play online

The PlayStation network is run down: thousands of users around the world can not connect, buy games or play online.

PlayStation Network is not available to many users around the world. They can not connect or play online.

Sony acknowledged the failure in a tweet sent to the PlayStation support account, stating that it was apparently due to a server problem.

Many users who tried to connect to PSN received the error code “WS-37403-7”.

The last update of Sony arrived at 14:48. (ET) Thursday and no additional information has been provided since.

We are aware that some users are having trouble connecting to PSN, “wrote Sony in a tweet.

“Thank you for your patience while we investigate.”

According to the Down Detector, users in Europe, the United States and South America are the most affected by this failure.

Service trouble reports arrived around 2:30 pm (ET) on Thursdays and exist for several hours.

The majority of users have problems connecting to PSN while others can not access games or social features.

In addition to PSN, the Network Service Status website displays failures affecting PS Vita, PS3, PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Music, and some sites, such as PlayStation Now, where users can stream video and music.

It’s unclear when PlayStation Network will be back online.

“You may have difficulty launching games, applications or online features,” says the site.

“Our engineers are working to solve the problem as quickly as possible and we thank you for your patience.”

Many users have complained about this failure on Twitter.

“Better solve the problem quickly, I’m already waiting 45 minutes and I’m not happy with that,” a user told Sony’s tweet about server problems.

Another user said, “Can we get updates on how long we have to wait for the PSN to correct itself?”

Late Thursday night, thousands of user reports were submitted on Down Detector, describing problems accessing the PSN.