Plank Record Broken by Woman Who Held It For 4 Hours

Plank Record Broken by Woman Who Held It For 4 Hours


The superhuman exploits attracted the inhabitants of the stone age. And in our day, when the importance of fitness, strength, and training has changed dramatically, it is always natural for strength and endurance to be grasped. Some are really impressive and we would like to present you such an example.

Let’s say this: an average person can hold a board for 5 minutes in a row and then burn the heart. Fitness blogger Dana Glowacka literally walked more than 4 hours across a board. It’s a core. Law?

In 4 hours and 20 minutes, she managed to break the international record for women in decking.

The former record holder was Maria Kalimera of Cyprus, who was able to hold a chart for 3 hours and 31 minutes.

At the first international Plank training conference, this Montreal woman showed everyone what true strength is. Just to explain how impressive her record was before she led the record of a person who spent 3 ½ hours on the set while Dana was 4 hours and 20 minutes. Not only did she break the old record, she did it for almost an hour.

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The fitness enthusiast’s brother came after a 24-hour trip to be right with her. He stood ready to watch her as she broke the record.

It’s the family spirit!