Why You Should Plan a Trip With Your Mother Every Year

Why should you plan a trip with your mother every year

Once upon a time, you were a little child with a small allowance. The best gift you could give your mother was a handmade booklet containing nice (if free) gifts. These included, for example, breakfast in bed, a week of dishes, a massage, unsolicited homework and similar tasks for good children. His mother was visibly touched by his generous offer. It was not the redemption of these coupons (if she did) that was so special to her. It was the consideration, the attention and the opportunity to get closer!

Now that you are an adult and have your own money, you can (hopefully) buy more substantial things for your mother. However, it is important to understand that spending time together and getting to know each other is always at the top of their wish list. Going on an annual trip with your mother is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can offer! Here is the reason:

It’s a good time to establish a connection

You can have your own family or a favorite group of traveling companions. Your mother may not be the first person you think about when planning a trip. Nevertheless, you should probably start thinking about it more! Whether it’s a long trip abroad or a weekend, this special activity with an unknown adventure opens the door to a wealth of experiences. Take this unique opportunity to get to know you better. You may think that you both know each other very well. Mom gave you birth. But the truth is that there is probably a lot of history and baggage that tarnishes your point of view. Mother and daughter are real people, not just mother and daughter. An annual trip together can help you deepen your past, discover unknown stories, go beyond shared history and strengthen your relationship.

They will both be outside your comfort zones

Think of the last days you saw your mother. Did these meetings take place in one of your houses? Or in a local cafe or restaurant? Traveling requires you to make decisions and discoveries. This forces one or both of you to take a lot of hits you would not normally need. You have to compromise and set priorities. They can make blind decisions and further strengthen their self-confidence. You will probably do something that one or the other of you never did!

Leaving your comfort zone will certainly be an exciting experience. It will also be rewarding for your relationship with your mother – provided you work together and be ready to have fun!

You will realize how much she loves you

Your mother might even want to take another 10,000 photos of you with whom none of your friends would be patient. If you are hungry or lost, you will experience mood swings. She wants to do what you want and see what you think because she wants you to be happy. You will begin to see how she favors you, how she chooses, what you want, what she wants and how she cares about what interests you, simply to improve your life.


At first it may seem strange to travel with your mother. You will probably be out of your comfort zone for a significant part of the trip. But the experience you are going to acquire will certainly be worth it. You can not go home with the stories you would have had if you were traveling with your friends, but you will certainly be encouraged, loved and closer to your mother.

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