Pineberries: The Ancient Strawberry That Tastes Like Pineapple Is Being Brought Back

If you have never heard of a pine forest, you are not alone. The ancestral fruit tastes like a mixture of pineapple and chewing gum.

Pine berries are strawberries, but the name comes from their pineapple flavor. They have white meat and red seeds, just like normal strawberries. Pine berries are a novelty now, but they are actually an improved version of the original South American strawberry.

For those who do not like GMOs: neither color nor taste comes from genetic change. Fragaria chiloensis, South American strawberries from Chile, were always white with a hint of bright pink.

The strawberries of Fragaria chiloensis were one of the ancestors of the garden strawberries that we all know. They were crossed with the variety of red strawberries Fragaria virginiana, native to North America. That’s why garden strawberries are called Fragaria x ananassa.

The term Ananassa probably refers to the pineapple flavor of the original type; Pineapple is called pineapple in most parts of the world. There are other white strawberries in cultivation, but these are versions of the alpine strawberry Fragaria vesca. Unlike pine berries, their seeds are usually white to pale green, so you can tell them apart. They are also much smaller.

The pine berries now come from Chilean strawberry stocks, which have remained with some European breeders. The breeding program began about ten years ago and it took about four years for this strain to be marketed.

They were well received during their first introduction on April Fool’s Day in 2010, although most people initially thought it was a joke. However, despite the interest of the public for these new entrants, they are still rare.

If you can get some of it, it is worth it to cultivate, not only because of its novelty value, but also because of its distinct taste and taste.

How to grow pine berries

If you are used to growing ordinary strawberries, it can be as easy to grow pines.

For starters, I recommend buying bare root plants or, better yet, runner plants. I got mine from a friend, because pine berries, like strawberries, runners that make baby plants, flow freely.

If you see Pineberry seeds for sale, do not buy them. Pine berries can not be extracted from their seeds because they are hybrids. If you are trying to grow seeds, you probably get a normal red strawberry plant.