People Who Struggle to Get Out of Bed Are More Intelligent, Study Says

People who have trouble getting up from bed are smarter, says study

If you still have trouble getting up in the morning, take courage with both hands. An old study has made bubbles in the air and there is a buzz that will calm you down.

Elsevier’s 2009 study, “Why night owls are smarter,” shows that controlling sleep and waking is a sign of intelligence. The snooze button is a relatively new invention that evolution has not prepared for us. If you take a nap and get used to this new way of living and sleeping, you are more intellectual, according to authors Satoshi Kanazawa and Kaja Perina.

If you ignore the wakeup rule as soon as the alarm sounds and instead respond to your body’s needs, you will be more likely to follow your ambitions and tackle your own problems. Kanazawa and Perina say it will make you more creative and independent.

The scientific report is supported by a similar study conducted in 1998 by the University of Southampton, which examined the socio-economic situation of 1,229 people in relation to their sleep patterns. It turned out that people who went to bed after 23 hours. and got up after 8 hours, earning more money and enjoying a happier lifestyle.

Despite the fact that your creative and intelligent minds blossom during these phases of early sleep, there will not be too much sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a night to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But you can rest assured that when you nap in the morning, you are not considered lazy or undisciplined. Hurray!